First Game of the Season!

First Game of the Season!

Due to COVID-19, there were not many games that the softball team at Spring Valley could participate in. Only having three games out of the season last year, the JV softball team started off strong this new season. 

On Thursday of last week, the JV softball team went against Legacy High School. Starting the game off strong, the team had made more than 4 runs, while the opposing team played none.  Throughout the game, the teammates cheered each other on confidently. Encouraging one another and helping each other as much as they could. 

Halfway through the game, the Spring Valley Grizzlies were doing really well with 7-4 runs in, yet stayed stable  when one of Legacy’s teammates hit the ball into left outfield with runners on second and third base. Racing to get to the ball, all runners made it to home, making it 7-7. 

Sadly, the JV team lost by one point to Legacy at the end of the game. The team did very well for it being the first game as a team and learning how to work together in a real time game. It was a tense moment, but still SVHS softball team celebrated a great game by cheering for Legacys win and the great work the lady grizzlies did, not to mention, celebrating Coach Alex’s birthday. 

Congratulations JV softball team!