Universal Technical Institute Awe Students


On Thursday, March 1st, Universal Technical Institute (UTI) visited Spring Valley High School to encourage and showcase the variety of opportunities offered in purpose for students to join. 

UTI’s showcase, Mr. Johnson provided inspiring experiences about the automotive industry, such as creating his own drift racer and obtaining inside connections through his time working at shops. 

“He helped inspire me and my Auto Tech 3 and 4 classroom by providing us with the basic knowledge of the school UTI,” Senior Julian Perez said. “…and how this career pathway in UTI integrated him into becoming a recruiter for Auto Shops at high schools across the country.” 

High technology hands-on-activities were also brought, which allowed students to engage themselves in a more UTI style zone.

“[The welding simulator] really showed me how welding will actually be when I go into the industry and how I have to get it right completely or else it’s messed up,” Perez said. 

The experience was welcoming to the students and really showcased the exciting opportunities present at the institute.