Why Happiness Shouldn’t Be Based on Success

Why Happiness Shouldnt Be Based on Success

The criteria for living a successful life is to go to college, have a high paying job, have a family, and other factors that depict being successful. However, the “dream life” that society has implemented for what is considered successful is not everyone’s depiction of success. 

Society’s ideals of what constitutes a successful life influences many people on how to approach life. People care too much of what society values such as marriage and college. Whereas, people should define how they view success. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, there’s no restrictions to live your life the way you want to. If you’re happy by competing in sleeping competitions, that’s totally fine. 

For some living the “white-picket fence” life is what people consider being successful by living a peaceful life. The “white-picket fence” life has become a symbol of the American dream which signifies wealth and achievement. For many generations, the key to happiness is living the “white picket fence” life. 

Another factor that constitutes happiness is going to college, getting a degree, and having a job that revolves around that certain degree. Since we were little in school, it has been clear that we need school to succeed. An education is important because we learn the basic necessities of life, but it’s not a requirement to further a college education. A degree doesn’t make or break your life. A degree should only be pursued if you want to have a career where a college education is necessary. You can be successful after high school without going to college. 

Still with a college degree, that person might not still be happy with achieving a high level of education. For some, parents dictate their children to go to college/university because it’s the only path to be successful in life. The stereotypical path to have a successful life is to become a doctor because doctors make good money and have a purpose in life to save people. Money is why many pursue careers that they’re not passionate about, but the money aspect motivates them to keep working. We revolve around money. Hardly anything in this world is free. You have to work to have money to pay all expenses necessary for survival. Finance, medicine, business, engineering and other majors are the majority of students’ choices to study because of the high salary they will get after college. 

Marriage is what constitutes a happy life because you dedicate the rest of your life loving someone. Not being married results in comments made by family members. For example, “Why aren’t you married yet?” “It’s okay you’re still single, you just haven’t met the right one yet.” The contract of marriage means to spectators that you are someone that can be loved and is ready for commitment. However, for people that have seen failed marriages in their life can make them feel scared or only think of divorce before or after they’re married. It’s completely fine to not be married or be in a relationship. Especially when you’re young, there’s no rush to be married. Whenever you’re ready to marry someone, no matter if you’re 30 or even 50, it’s okay. 

              Having children is the most important aspect into living a successful, traditional life. For failing marriages, having children was the solution to save a marriage because now their whole focus was on loving and taking care of the child. In traditional families, not having children is viewed as a terrible thing. Children are not the sole reason for the key to happiness or success. A child shouldn’t be viewed as another trophy to the collection of success. Infertile women are not any less than a woman, they shouldn’t be shamed about not having children. In this day and age, less people are deciding to not have children because they’re too expensive to take care of. Children can bring joy to someone’s life, but they’re not absolutely necessary to be successful in life. 

          Happiness can mean lots of things to various people. Whatever path you take in life is completely acceptable. No one’s or society’s comments have to force you to live your own life. There will be trials and tribulation along the way, but you will find the key to your own success which results in happiness.