What is Wrong With Valentine’s Day

What is Wrong With Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day. A day where you get to give and receive chocolates and goodies from a lover. But why is it only one day? Shouldn’t you express your love to your partner all the time? Bottom line is that Valentine’s Day is just a way for flower shops and chocolate companies to gain profits off of gullible couples and for the single people to feel extra single.

Generally, most couples buy each other gifts. I can even say I’m guilty of it, but why one day? Why not at random times of the relationship just to show true meaning behind it?Doing it on a day that everyone else does makes it seem like it is necessary and makes it lose its meaning. Also, not to mention, being single means a lonely day and makes you feel bad for not being in a relationship. 

Now, there are people that really enjoy Valentine’s Day and gifting their significant other, but it feels more like an obligation. There are also companies gaining more and more money. It is a good thing for those companies, but what about the people who don’t get to experience any sort of affection?

It doesn’t always have to be about gifts either. People don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to celebrate one day. It is more of a preference for whoever is buying the gifts. Also, it is a sweet gesture for people to give things to each other, but at the same time, you can’t judge who did or who didn’t get a gift. At the end of the day, it all depends on the people.