A Lonely Valentine

It’s that time of the year again where there are chocolates and roses in the stores, hearts on the walls, and the constant question, “Who’s your valentine?” For some this time of the year is their favorite, or for others, like myself, this time of the year seems like the loneliest.

No one wants to feel alone during this season, especially when all of your friends are in their own relationships. Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my friend’s relationships, however this lonely time begins to be even lonelier. Valentine’s Day was just made to make lonely people feel lonelier.

Even as a teenager, it’s very pressuring to rush into a relationship with the bombardment of engagement ring commercials, movies, and social media. The common message: “you cannot be happy unless you’re with someone else.” However, this is just not true. You don’t need to rely on a significant other for your source of happiness.

At this age, we change so quickly and thus aren’t mature enough to keep a stable relationship like teens in the movies or books do. The media is hyping us up to grow up faster than necessary. The effect of social media gives off the idea that some may want to be in a relationship faster than ever before, especially teenagers in high school or even late middle school.

As a teenage girl, single and living in 2022, I constantly get the question of who my valentine is. I have to awkwardly say I don’t have one. That is followed by questions of who I want to be my valentine or whether anyone is going to ask me. The series of questions is just very overwhelming and stress-inducing just thinking about it.

With confusion, I have to awkwardly state that it’s not necessary for me to search for Valentine’s Day love as seen in cheesy movies or books. I remind them that a high school student has more to focus on and a friend to hang out with than a temporary relationship. A temporary relationship just isn’t necessary for me.

I’m here to tell you that no matter what section you walk through in Target, the commercials you see on TV, or everyone in your friend group that has an “other half,” it is OK to be single during this lonely season. And it’s even better when you can celebrate this holiday with a few friends, and get them cheesy valentine cards and candies instead. Maybe replace Valentine’s day and make it a Galentine’s day, because it’s much better to celebrate this lonely holiday with some of your closest friends instead of a significant other.