NFL Playoffs

By Troy Raridon

The National Football League’s playoffs are underway. Fans are excited to see  Super Bowl 56, which will take place in LA. Receiving the title of Super Bowl Champions, they will be crowned ‘World Champions of the NFL’.

The Wildcard weekend started off with a bunch of exciting games. In the AFC conference fans had the Cincinnati Bengals face off against the Las Vegas Raiders. With the Bengals taking the win, and moving on.  Following with the AFC East conference between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. TheBills pulled through being able to beat longtime rivals, and moving onto the next game.  The final AFC wildcard game was between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were the last team to move onto the Divisional Round. 

The NFC wildcard weekend was amazing to a lot of fans keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. The defending champs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had played against the Philadelphia Eagles. Finishing the game off strong the Bucs were able to advance into the Divisional Round.  The Los Angeles Rams had taken on the Arizona Cardinals, with the Rams defeating the Cardinals being able to advance onto the next game. To end the night the game many fans had been waiting for, the Dallas Cowboys against the San Francisco 49’s. With the 49’s surprising viewers by causing an upset against the Cowboys. 

The Divisional Round had fans on their feet with mixed emotions. The Bengals had to take on the one seed Tennessee Titans. With the Bengals causing an upset allowing them to move to the AFC Championship Game. Then fans saw one of the best games of the year, the Bills vs the Chiefs. This game came down to the wire in overtime with the chiefs winning the coin flip and later on winning the game. 

With the win the AFC Championship game is now between the Bengals and Chiefs. In the NFC the Niner’s had to take on the Green Bay Packers, who are favored to win the Super Bowl. With the Niners causing another upset, moving on to the NFC Championship game.  Then the Bucs played the Rams, with the Rams coming in and barely beating the Bucs. Ending the chance of Tom Brady and his team to go back to back to the championship games. With the Rams and Niners playing in the NFC Championship game.

These final 4 teams would fight for the chance to play in SoFi stadium in LA for SuperBowl 56. In the AFC championship game between the Bengals vs Chiefs. With the Bengals being able to come back and win the game advancing to the SuperBowl. This will be their first SuperBowl appearance since 1988 The NFC Championship game was a  rematch of week 18, the 49’s vs the Rams. The Rams had been able to beat the 49’s in the end with a game winning interception, allowing them to advance to the SuperBowl.  

The Los Angeles Rams vs the Cincinnati Bengals are going to be playing in SuperBowl 56 at SoFi Stadium. This is a huge advantage for the Rams since  they will be playing at their home field.. Fans have the Rams being the favorites to win the SuperBowl. But the famous saying in football by Al Pacino “Any Given Sunday”.