Tiger King Season 2: The Roaring Sensation Returns


Netflix’s Original documentary series, ‘Tiger King’ is back for a second season. Receiving fewer views than the original season, viewers were interested to see what this was going to be about. With a year long wait, season two of ‘Tiger King’ was released on November 17, 2021. 

Coming back with only five episodes, the show provided great information from what was left off in season one, creating excitement among the viewers. With the return of some fan favorite characters, viewers were met with the personal stories that give a more meaningful connection to those involved with this big cat series. 

Relating back to the first season with talking about fan favorites Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the second season focuses on their sides of the story. With the first season introducing us to the craziness of what is known as the ‘Big Cat World’ viewers are told about the disappearance of Don Lewis, with the possibility of Carole feeding him to her cats, and showing the dark side to Joe Exotics that he was running. While running into many issues with the police, Joe Exotic had eventually ended up in prison due to the claim of wanting to have Carole Baskin murdered. Giving viewers a crazy, interesting show to start quarantine off in 2020.

Director Eric Goode and producers Chris Smith, Fisher Stevens and Rebecca Chaklin did an amazing job at keeping up with the evidence. The logical organization of the overall show was great because viewers could see the great amount of effort put into this series. Focusing on Joe Exotic, Don Lewis, Jeff Lowe, and more importantly the animals, it gives the viewers a better sense of what was going on behind the scenes. From the first episode, mainly focusing on Joe’s beginning life and all the chaotic events that happened when people wanted a presidential pardon for him to be released from jail, to episodes about Don Lewis’ missing case and how it is now an open investigation once again. Then mentioning the troubles between Tim Stark and the lawsuits he faced due to his neglect to the animals and the issues that Tim Stark had with Jeff Lowe during their partnership. More importantly, Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren are now trying to help Joe Exotic get out of jail due to their mistakes of mistreatment against the animals and maybe some other hidden factors. 

On the other hand, there was a lot of hate after the show. Many people would verbally attack Carol Baskin because of how season one portrayed her. On an episode, Carol Baskin and Howard Baskin explained in an interview how people call their big cat sanctuary and threaten their lives. The first season made it out to be biased that Carol Baskin might have had something to do with Don Lewis’ disappearance and even fed him to the tigers, but realistically there wasn’t an open investigation about his disappearance and though there are many that believe she may have had something to do with it, the show was pointing more fingers at her rather than addressing about the animals involved. Some viewers believe that there was not enough talk about what was going on to the animals, and the highlight of the drama was not the best, however, season two definitely changed that by mentioning more of how the big cats were treated and where some are now. 

‘Tiger King’ had done it again, showing the craziness of what goes on behind the scenes of running the zoos. Giving viewers a chance to learn more about the different sides of Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark and Carole Baskins’ stories, deciding whose story they would rather believe. Receiving lots of interest in the season, viewers enjoyed watching the different stories unfold about everyone and the many ways of concluding what truly happened to Don Lewis.