Christmas Music: How Early is too Early?

Christmas music seems to creep in faster and faster into people’s lives each year, department stores begin to put up their cheerful decorations months before. It seems that people jump from Halloween and straight into Christmas, completely skipping Thanksgiving in the process.

As this holly-jolly season approaches, one question that lurks in people’s minds is: when is it acceptable for me to start listening to Christmas music? There are many different views on this topic. Some people don’t start listening to this type of music until December, but others start listening to it as early as after Halloween. After all, is it ever too early to get into the Christmas spirit?

Although I love turkey, my mom’s homemade mashed potatoes, and the warm spirit of Thanksgiving, I am definitely ready for Christmas. Christmas is such a cheerful time, where there is wonderful music to enjoy, binge-watch funny children’s movies with the little cousins , and even the jolly spirit that comes along with it.

Some may argue that it is simply too early to start celebrating the fun holiday because they want to preserve their holiday cheer or that they may enjoy Thanksgiving more than Christmas. However, I don’t really believe that anyone could just preserve the jolly music, and that if you do choose to listen to music right now, you can hold onto that Christmas spirit longer than just one month.

Christmas is celebrated by millions around the world every year. While Thanksgiving comes before Christmas on the calendar, it’s traditionally an American holiday. Even though Thanksgiving celebrates the annual harvest and feast amongst Pilgrims and the Native people back in the 1600s, it does not bring the same joy Christmas does.

“Christmas music is tiring to hear repeatedly” after hearing the same themes and lyrics being mentioned, when in reality the genre actually includes a larger variety of songs and artists beyond the common ones people listen too.

Most people listen to music that resonates their mood and feeling, whether that be listening to Tyler the Creator, Taylor Swift or Mac DeMarco. I love these artists and listen to them depending on my mood. But unlike others, I also listen to Christmas music when it is nowhere near December.

Christmas music also helps keep my spirits up when it is cold outside. I can handle a little cold weather, but I can’t handle the kind of cold that makes my hands crack and start to bleed as soon as I step outside the house without a jacket on.

This particular genre of music accomplishes all these fun activities that come along with Christmas. Like waking up on Christmas day to the sweet aroma of eggnog and freshly baked cookies, the sight of lightly colored wrapping paper under the vibrant green tree and watching “Elf” with the family on Christmas Day as we unwrap presents.

I understand Christmas music isn’t everyone’s cup of hot cocoa but I think people should not judge others for when they want to listen to Christmas music. You shouldn’t judge people on their regular day-to-day music choices so why should you judge people when they listen to holiday music that brings back nostalgia and happy thoughts?

Whether I am being cliche or not, Christmas really is the happiest time of the year, and I will not let people ruin my happiness by telling me when or when not to listen to my music of choice. The music reminds me of the happy times Christmas brings and I actually can’t help but put pep in my step every time I listen to it, because it is impossible for me to be sad while listening to Christmas music.

So, no it is never too early to start listening to Christmas music. Christmas gives people across the globe cheer and spirit. Most people celebrate Christmas to forget about the negative things that happened that year. Now turn up your radio on cold mornings, on your way to work or school and listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey and maybe get some hot chocolate too!