CNN Call to Day: The Time for Talk is Over


Courtesy of CNN

Spring Valley High School will be participating in CNN’s Call to Earth Day on November 10th this school year.

On this day, people, schools, and organizations all will be teaming up to not only raise awareness of environmental issues but make a direct impact. Vice Principal, Dr. Benjamin Feinstein, had been recruiting clubs across Spring Valley to join in on the action.

“The idea that the time for talk about the earth and the environment is over and now it’s time for action and the people who are going to head up that action is the next generation,” Dr. Feinstein said.

Spring Valley will be holding a whole group park cleanup on November 10th, after school. CNN will be reposting any posts of this impact on this day when they use the hashtag ‘#calltoearth’.

“There’s a lot of clubs that are participating in [the campus cleanup], AVID, the Pacific Islander Cultural Club, Hope Squad, Environmental Club, and a couple other clubs have committed to participate,” Dr. Feinstein said.

Another club participating in the event is, Key Club. However, Key Club and Environmental Club have teamed up yet again for an environmental service event and are excited for more inter-club activities around campus.

“Key Club plans to participate in the inter-club campus cleanup as well as host a recycling box-making workshop, where we paint old cardboard boxes and distribute to teachers who can use them in their classrooms as recycling bins,” Key Club President Miguel Torres said.

The Nevada Association of International Baccalaureate World Schools (NAIBWS)  Student Leadership Board hopes to make an impact within their community by inspiring future generations to do better and inspire innovation!

“NAIBWS is planning its annual leadership conference four days before Call to Earth day where we showcase the importance of protecting the environment through engaging activities such as recycling crafts,” Senior NAIBWS Student Board Member Noah Dee said. “We hope to inspire and encourage young individuals to begin to recognize the climate crisis.”

AVID is also participating in the inter-club clean up at Spring Valley High School as they create memories alongside each other.

“This change will allow ambitious students to get together as a community and clean up our campus,” AVID Club President Tselot Fetene said.

Along with the Spring Valley campus cleanup, the Life Program is partnering with NAIBWS for a trail cleanup after school on November 10th at Calico Basin from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.

In order to participate in the campus cleanup, students must register through their clubs or talk to Dr. Feinstein in room 802, and make sure to post progress by sharing on social media with the ‘#calltoearth’.

“The time for talk is over, the time for action is now I encourage everybody to get involved,” Dr. Feinstein said.