MLB Postseason 2021

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The MLB postseason is one of the more exciting times of the baseball season, seeing as all the good teams come together to see who will be number one. Starting the playoffs with ten teams and ending with one, these games will leave fans on the edge of their seats. The final two teams in the World Series are the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. 

“I’m excited the small market teams made the playoffs this season there’s still some big market teams but there’s teams like the Astros or the Dodgers,” Senior Brandon Monlar said.

With the teams battling for the top spot this led fans to create their own predictions about who will win it all. Some of these predictions fell as the postseason went along, some of these teams not even making it past the first game. 

With these cheers some players were able to thrive off of the pressure made from these fans. One player, Houston Astros Designated Hitter Yordan Alvarez. Alvarez hit 9 for 13 in in games 5 and 6 and he also outhit the Red Sox in game 6 leading them to the world series. While that happened Eddie Rosario, Braves Left fielder, was crushing the ball every game of this series versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had an average of .500 while hitting during this series. While the Dodgers had a great offense, it was not enough to stop the run support from Rosario. His homerun in game 6 lead the Braves to their first world series appearance since 1999, with this Rosario took home the NLCS Most Valuable Player.

In the American League championship Series the Astros took on the Boston Red Socks in the best of 7 series. This series involved one the hottest hitters in the game Enrique Hernandez with the closing of the ALCS the Houston Astros would beat the Red Sox’s in the series 4 to 2 and the Astros will move on to play in the Fall Classic.  

“The Astros have a really good chance but I don’t see them winning the whole World Series, the Braves will win in Game 5 with the Astros at least winning one, but the Braves will take it all.” Junior Ethan Boyce said. 

The National League Championship series was between the fully stacked Los Angeles Dodgers, and the underdog Atlanta Braves. In 2020 these 2 teams battled in the NLCS and the Braves blew one of the biggest series leads in baseball history with once leading the series 3 to 1 to losing it 4 to 3. Now it’s 2021 and it’s the rematch. The Dodgers who were favored to win this series fell short and lost 4 to 2. Now this makes the World Series matchup between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. 

“The Braves will win in 6 games because I think the Astros will at least win two games, but the Braves will come out on top and win the World Series,” Sophomore Hunter Sarver said.