Dedicated to Those Lost, ‘Altar’ by Kehlani


Courtesy to Atlantic Records

Kehlani Ashley Parrish, known by stage name Kehlani, released her newest single ‘Altar’ following the announcement of her third studio album ‘Blue Water Road’.

Kehlani’s last studio album, ‘It was Good Until It Wasn’t,’ had a clear focus on the hardships and diverse dynamics of love in a relationship. Her newest song, ‘Altar’ ,’ takes a different approach to love, and seems to share a hint of the direction of her upcoming projects, providing hope to fans and listeners.

In an Instagram caption promoting the song, the artist writes, “I thank my angels, my guides, all those who walk with me for allowing me to see them, feel them, I hear them in full. I honor you in all I do, This is my offering.”

Dedicated to those Kehlani has lost in her lifetime, ‘Altar” provides a new perspective to Kehlani’s lyrics and artistry. The lyrics go as follows, “Put you on the altar, stay just a little bit longer.” An altar is typically known in a religious setting, but it is a place of memory and remembrance.

Kehlani is known by her fans to be one close with spirituality and this connection is showcased through her emotional vocal performance. The track itself is carried by Kehlani’s smooth and matured vocals, as she utilizes the simplicity of the relaxed beat to tell a story rooted in genuine emotion. The song showcases the true feelings of missing someone’s presence, whether it be through emotional or physical detachment, in a beautiful method of remembrance.

The music video for the song was released as soon as the song dropped on all music platforms, providing a visual to follow this heartfelt song. The aesthetics of the music video convey a fairytale-like vibe, through the use of soft colors and [something].In the music video, Kehlani and choreographer Diovanna Obafunmilayo Friazer, share soft, intimate moments through their duo contemporary dance. The choreography between the two revolves around the concept of butterflies, which often represents that those that have been lost are still with you and continuing to live in another realm. Those who we have lost, are never gone in memory and only through remembrance is there any way to cultivate these memories into new growth. Kehlani’s dancing background is in the realm of hip-hop, however, through the contemporary style dance a story of loss, acceptance and hope is beautifully captured and represented.

In just two weeks, the music video currently sits at 2.7 million views, showcasing a promising start to Kehlani’s new era of artistic discovery.