The Struggles of Anxiety


“I’m gonna have to diagnose you with anxiety.” When my therapist said this, I didn’t exactly know what it meant. Does that mean I can’t deal with certain situations or events? Will I not be able to overcome these episodes? I had to do a lot of research and even soul searching to come to a full understanding of what I’m dealing with. 

Now what is anxiety? I found that for some people it can be different, but commonly it’s a sensation of just overwhelmness or uneasiness that can ultimately lead to panic attacks. These are usually caused by triggers that can happen throughout the day. It’s still taking me time to understand what my triggers are, and what I can do to calm myself down. For others, it can be the same. Triggers can be a certain sound, smell, phrase or objects. Everyone is different and has different situations and no trigger is invaild. 

Because of events that have happened in my childhood, to even events today, such as coming back to school full time during a pandemic, having to fit in, and recently losing a friend, it is hard to have full control over emotions. What is even worse about anxiety is that it can tie other mental illnesses such as depression. 

During depressive episodes, I don’t want to leave my bed, I barely can handle talking to friends and at times and this makes me miss out on school. This is very common in anxiety and depression. At times of dissociation, I can’t seem to feel that I am living. It’s almost like I’m floating and can’t seem to think of anything, it all just goes blank. These also cause me to lose motivation for eating, doing school work or just everyday things. Yet, emotions are powerful things that can consume someone, noticing what positive things are happening can help calm the nerves. The human brain does like to focus on the negative but thinking of one positive thing can give support. 

Things I personally do that others who deal with anxiety should try at least once is meditation. Once a day, for even five minutes, letting all the negative emotions release from one’s body can give a huge sense of relief. Also, during panic attacks or times of uneasy situations, taking a step back to have a breather can help along with informing the people around you that you need a break. If things get serious, you should inform a trusted adult that way they can let you have the space you may need. 

Overall, there are many different ways that help relax the mind. Every person is different and not finding your personal solution is okay. There are many different things that anyone can try but not giving up is the most important. Reach out if in need, and know that it is perfectly fine to focus on you and you alone.