H.E.R Club Reinvents For The School Year


With students back on campus for the first time in 18 months, H.E.R club is able to offer its first in person meetings with more members than last year. H.E.R club, which was founded by Lizzy Tokarski and Jordan Braud, with its current advisor, Mrs. BA. The H.E.R missions stays the same, “H.E.R strives to give women+ a safe space to feel welcome and to learn about themselves in a comfortable environment.”


H.E.R strives for representation across students who identify as femme in Spring Valley. They educate about issues revolving women and to make sure female/femme voices are heard inside and outside of school. H.E.R makes aware for many of their female/femme members stories shared in and out of meetings. 


“I just hope that [ our club ] impacts people and lets them know that they have a safe space here,” co-founder Lizzy Tokarski said. “Anyone’s welcome here, and even if it is a man, like this is a safe space for everyone, and we hope it continues to be like that.”


The H.E.R. club’s purpose is to spread awareness of the history, education and representation of women. According to the founders, the history of women isn’t always taught in history class, nor does it provide the impact of women living during that period. H.E.R also pushes the idea for both men and women to be in an equal playing field. 


“Women shouldn’t be underestimated and that you can make your own safe space,” Tokarski said. “A lot of the time it’s difficult to do that, but we’re trying to teach people how to make sure they’re in a safe space and how to create a safe space for others.”


H.E.R club aims to create a comfortable, validating atmosphere for students alike, including the discussions of sensitive topics surrounding young girls. 


“Your feelings are valid and that if you do, unfortunately, have to go through sexual assault or a trauma of any sort   it is not your fault and it was never your fault in any way shape or form,” Braud said. 


With this current school year and most schools being in person now, there are more opportunities for clubs to organize activities and collaborations. 


“We’ve talked about doing a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and doing a Mile in Her Shoes, as like a smaller event and potentially doing like a larger event towards the end of the year,” Tokaraski said. “We also talked about Denim Day as a day for spirit week.”


For the H.E.R club, organizing activities was limited during the past virtual school year. Many activities revolving around supporting female empowerment can take place now, such as participating in the International Women’s Day Walk, but  with the rule of still wearing masks correctly. 


“Discussions help a lot with being able to discuss these topics and know what they’re not the only ones who are going through these kinds of things,” co-founder Jordan Braud said. “Being able to talk through the mental and physical sides of whether it’s sexual assault or whatever, I think that will really give somebody a voice and encourage them to speak up either for myself or the police or whatever the case may be.” 


For every club, there is a meeting and an objective to approach and achieve. H.E.R is big on educating the members about the history of women. Tokarski and Braud teach by showing the information in a slideshow and presenting it then open up discussions. 


“Sometimes for the month like with April being sexual assault awareness month, we tend to stay on that topic,” Tokarski said. 


The co-founders are actively looking for people to carry on the club when they graduate.  They’re open to have positions for every member like secretary and treasurer. 


“One of the big things with this club is that we want everyone to be involved, so even if they don’t hold an officer position, we want them to know that anything they tell us, we’re going to listen,” Tokarski said. 


“We’re not seen as equals, as you can see in the school dress code and our history/science books, we are not treated as equals,” Braud said. “We make sure our voices are heard by everyone.”


To know more about H.E.R, you can contact the H.E.R instagram account @svhs_herclub, Co-founders Lizzy Tokarski Elizabeth Tokarski [STUDENT] and Jordan Braud Jordan Braud [STUDENT], or advisor Mrs. BA Vanessa Anguiano [Spring Valley HS]