STUCO Kicks Off School year with New Advisor

The Student Council welcomed their new advisor, Gussy Haun, as Spring Valley High School transitioned back to in-person school.

STUCO, also known as Student Council, is an elective open to all grades and experience levels, focusing on student leadership and school spirit.

Haun is known around campus as a humanities teacher, previously teaching classes like Arts and Humanities, AP Human Geography, Costume Design and AP Art History. This year, as a change, she is teaching two periods of STUCO along with a similar course load.

“Ms. Haun has such a creative mind and brings new ideas for our school. I have only known her for three months, but she has truly been so hard working and dedicated to her role as advisor. She has really become such an important adult figure in my life as I work with her everyday,” Student Body President Emily Pham said.

Pham has been in STUCO for three years, exciting for her first year as president but as well as working with a new advisor.

Though, coming back from over a year of virtual distance, there’s some pressure to make this year feel as normal as it can be. The officers and Haun have been working since Summer Enrichment during late June to ensure a smooth transition back to schools.

“I couldn’t ask for a better, take-charge, Student Body President, so I don’t feel the pressure that everything is on me and nobody knows what is going on,” Haun said.

Haun herself was in STUCO, known as Associated Student Body or ASB in California, while she was in high school and college, serving as the Treasurer, Historian and Dorm Representative. Much to a benefit, Haun understands what needs to be done for the school year with background experience.

“Another goal of mine is to increase inclusiveness within our campus by supporting every student at Spring Valley, and to begin recognizing the hard work of not only the athletics but the clubs too,” Pham said.

Weeks before the first day of school on August 9th, the student council spent multiple days preparing for the rush of over two thousand grizzlies by creating posters about upcoming school events and for showing Grizzly spirit.

Well before the opening of school on August 9th, the Student Council spent hours preparing for the entrance of nearly 2000 grizzlies by creating posters about school events and Grizzly spirit.

“We have that opportunity to try new things and do things differently [this year],” Haun said.

This year, 9th graders are working as club liaisons, 10th graders are in charge of fundraising and school-wide service projects, 11th graders are taking a lead in planning Prom and Senior Sunset, and 12th graders are planning for a Senior Class gift.

There will also be more active involvement of class advisors this year as Haun recruited passionate teachers for these roles.

“To anyone considering joining Student Council, I would say do it. It is never too late to join no matter what grade you’re in. Student Council… is a commitment, but it comes with making a lot of memories and having fun at the same time.” Pham said.