Outer Banks Returns with a Promising Second Season


Netflix’s original “Outer Banks” is back for a second season and is receiving nearly as much attention similar to when it first came out. The ten episode season released on July 10, 2021, a date many fans had been eagerly waiting for.

“Outer Banks” fans have long awaited the return of the show, as season two began right where season one, which originally released in April 2020, left off. With plans of being a multiple season TV series, the second season did not fail to include the return of fan favorite characters from before, including smaller stories coming aligning into one big story.

Focusing around pogues Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), John B (Chase Stokes), Pope (Johnathan Daviss), newly introduced Cleo (Carlacia Grant), kooks Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), Rose (Caroline Arapoglou) and Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey), the season brings viewers on a crazy adventure to yet again look for lost treasures. This time Pope’s family becomes centered around the new treasure, leading the group of pogues and kooks to go on a hunt to find it first. Many of the episodes take place between Outer Banks, North Carolina and Nassau, Bahamas where we are introduced to new and eventual main character Cleo, a stowaway who was able to help with the gold that the Cameron family had sent over to the Bahamas. Throughout all the setting changes the outfit choices not only match the character’s personality, mainly being relaxed beach wear of button ups and tattered shirts, but also their current setting in the episode.

Considering that the actors were mainly given the roles of teenagers, they did a phenomenal job at showing the true, raw emotion of heartbreak and seeing family grow apart. There are not many times that someone is able to say that they hate a character, but the acting done by Ward and Rafe definitely make an exception to that, leaving viewers to consistently be angry or upset with the choices made by their characters.

Similar to the first season, writers did not fail to place numerous scenes that would leave you at the edge of your seat. However there were times where these scenes would be dragged out for a little too long making it feel like half an episode to reach the climax, or there would be episodes that would flawlessly build up to show an outcome that leads to another ending. Seeing Sarah and John B go on the lookout for the gold that Ward had sent over to the Bahamas had created many anxiety ridden scenes. The continuous story that would flow from episode to episode leaves the viewers wanting more, and allows for surprises to pop up once the stories align. Each episode could be considered to have two different storylines occurring that eventually relate into one, leaving viewers anxious, excited and questioning what could happen next.

This season has done it again just like the first one making viewers fall in love with Stokes and Cline’s relationship along with the Pogue familyship. With the feel of wanting to live a life similar to these teens, the life lesson of family importance is shown throughout the ten episodes. Just like before, viewers were pleased with the outcome and cannot wait for the return of another season, along with receiving great amounts of interest to see what could happen next seeing how we were left off at the end.