CCSD considering taking back Chromebooks in May


Mark M., Staff Writer

Spring Valley High School Principal Tam Larnerd, in an email, announced the District is considering taking back CCSD-issued Chromebooks in May.

“The high school principals are pushing back on CCSD’s plan to collect all Chromebooks from students in May.  First, students need their device to take their semester exams through May 26.  Also, if we collect them from 9th – 11th grade students in May, we will just have to redistribute them in 110 degree heat in August.  Nope.”

Whether Chromebooks would be collected before the Last Day of School – currently scheduled to be May 26, 2021 – remains unclear. Why the District is considering taking back all Chromebooks, and if it would affect K-11 or just Grades 9-11 also remains unclear.

The Grizzly Growler reached out to the Clark County School District for a comment, but, we did not receive a reply. We will update this story if/when we receive a reply.