Revive the Hope you need through “Hope Week”

Hope Squad introduces a series of interactive activities anyone can join, throughout “hope week” starting Monday, April 12 and lasting until Friday, April 16.

April 12, 2021

The distance learning environment has changed aspects of daily life in ways that drastically changed the social, mental, and emotional state of many. Some may have experienced increased fatigue, social isolation, or increased stress. In order to combat these types of issues, the students of Hope Squad will be running interactive, online activities that promote self-care and a revival of hope, all throughout next week. 


The days of Hope Week aims to encourage hope through the following days:


Fresh Start Monday 

Give yourself a fresh start and let go. Start focusing on your future, by acknowledging and moving on from the past. Activities will focus on amending past regrets, writing or righting past wrongs, goal-setting for the future, and building time capsules for your future self! 


Gratitude Tuesday 

Express gratitude for yourself and for others. This day is meant to reflect on the aspects of life you and others appreciate, as well as being able to look at situations, like virtual learning, in a brighter light. 


Self Care Wednesday 

Relax, feel tranquility, and take the break you deserve. Give yourself self-affirmations as you find ways to relieve yourself from stress and school. Join a virtual yoga and mindful meditation session to enjoy let your mind relax. 


Build Up Spring Valley Thursday 

There is hope everywhere, let’s spread it even further! Spread hope through creating kind cards and sending text messages or emails to your friends and teachers of what hope means to you and how they give you hope. Even if the word hope is in “Hope Squad,” everyone has the ability to spread hope to one another, hence the “Build Up Spring Valley.”


Friendship Friday 

This virtual environment has introduced virtual friendships; find out ways you can keep and cherish those friendships, while also making new ones! On this final day of hope week, you will take a personality quiz and compare your results with others in a spreadsheet to discover people with similar or different personality types to make friends For the socialization part, why not join a large google meet session for a fun, after-school game night. Talk, chat, and relax in a judgmental-free zone, even without un-muting!



“In terms of the actual members of the club, inclusivity is a must-have,” Hope Squad Ambassador Jessica Bui said.


All activities of Hope Week will be led by board members, alongside the help of the members of the Hope Squad Program, and can be completed during the participant’s free time before, during, or after school. 


“Our Hope Week is unique to our school,” Bui said. “Whether or not [squad members] were able to influence small details or plan a whole activity, they are an essential part.” 


The Hope Squad Program, is a student-suicide prevention program aimed to combat the issues surrounding the mental health of students in school. Established this year, the student members of the program were selectively trained to assess issues of a student in social, mental, or emotional needs. Hope week was created in dedication of spreading happiness and ultimately building hope to remind each student that they are cared for. 


“It’s important to know that everyone can spread hope, and that we’re making a way towards an environment like that.” Bui said. 

To learn more about Hope Week, or to personally reach out to any member of the hope squad, contact Adam Gent ([email protected]). Follow @springvalleyhope on Instagram for updates, affirmations, and interaction from the students of the program.

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