The Effect COVID-19 Has On Athletes

Anthony Fardell

Covid affects the outcomes of many student athlete seniors. As many seniors (class of 2021) sign and commit to colleges there are many athletes still left unanswered. Many student athletes wanted to use their final season to capitalize and polish their craft before sending it to college coaches. Covid-19 left athletes speechless and heartbroken. Many athletes’ futures athletically were cut short with no shot of getting a sports scholarship. 


“With covid being around I had to drop the International Baccalaureate program because of the overload of work,” football player Miguel Batuto said “Due to the circumstances, I would not have passed in online schooling. That led to being ineligible for all sports my senior year and not being able to show college coaches who I am as a player.”


Batuto was a dual sport student athlete through grades 9 to 11, with at least a 3.2 GPA or higher. Being in the IB program, he took studies over sports, which had led to no shot in taking his athletic abilities to college. 


“Now that football and volleyball are cancelled for CCSD I believe I made the right choice.” Batuto said.


As COVID-19 forces CCSD to cancel sports, many students are losing hope with school. Students and coaches were planning on having a season, and many students focused on school work to be eligible for their planned season. Sports drive students to do better in school especially with an ineligibility policy. 


Other than the commitment of bringing talents to colleges, COVID-19 will affect the focus rate on athletes entirely. There are many negatives to online schooling starting with education at a high school level, down to the continuation of education in college.