Picks of the week: Championship Round

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Picks of the week: Championship Round

The divisional round of the playoffs was very prosperous for head varsity football coach Marcus Teal, athletic director William Hemberger, principal Tam Larnerd, assistant varsity football coach Robert Cutts, and the grizzly community.

Larnerd, Teal, and Hemberger all ended the week with a 4-0 record. Cutts, while being very close to getting a 4-0 as well, wound up with a 3-1 record. The community wound up with the worst record of the week, going an even 2-2.

Last week, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes took a hit during the third quarter that wound up making him ineligible to play for the rest of the game. Many believed the star quarterback wouldn’t be able to compete in this week’s matchup versus the Buffalo Bills, but he has been cleared to play just six days after he was injured. This has caused much debate amongst the football world as to whether Mahomes is actually okay to play this week or if he was rushed along the concussion protocols so the Chiefs have a better chance at making the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

Concussions are very serious injuries,” Teal said. ”The severity of a concussion is taken into an account when players sustain them. I believe that if players go through the protocols [and] pass them by a medical professional’s diagnosis, then it is their right to decide to play. If Mahomes has passed protocol and he feels he is not putting himself or others in danger, I am ok with him deciding to play.”


Bills @ Chiefs
Teal: “Here we are Championship Sunday! Have been great games up to this point. These two teams have been great all year. Bills have surprised a lot of people with their exciting QB Jared Allen playing like an MVP. The Bills Defense has been a top five D all season and they make you do things you don’t want to do and create turnovers to steal games. But we are talking about the World Champs here! The Chiefs got a taste of the good life last year and they are not ready to give up the title! Their offense can quick strike you or nickel and dime you to sleep, methodically!  Bills played the Chiefs tight in Week six, Arrowhead is a tough place to play..I am sticking with the Champs!  

Chiefs 31, Bills 24

Cutts: “This is the game to watch. These two teams are the more explosive offenses in the NFL. Josh Allen and the Bills passing game have lit up the scoreboard consistently this season. Their trade for Stephon Diggs has paid off exponentially. The Chiefs offense has been the constant in the NFL for the last 3 seasons. With the coaching of Andy Ried and Eric Bieniemy and Mahomes at the helm, they look to be unstoppable. 

The Bills defense, led by Jerry Hughes out of TCU, has gotten much better and are becoming one of the best in the league. Meanwhile, the Chiefs’ defense have kept them in some games this season. The Honey Badger, Tyron Mathieu  holds down the secondary for them.

I’m going with my heart on this one and the Bills will defeat the Chiefs 34-31”

Larnerd: Bills

Hemberger: Bills 30-27

Grizzly Community: 54% in favor of the Chiefs


Buccaneers @ Packers

Teal: “This is the game people have been waiting for! Can Tom Brady lead a new team to the Big Game?! The Bucs would love to play for all the loot in their own stadium (first team to ever do it, if they win)! Bucs have a stingy defense and they love to hit you in the mouth!  But they don’t call Green Bay Titletown for nothing! Their legendary coach has his name on the trophy…they have the best home field advantage in the Midwest…it’s gonna be 12 degrees at game time…football how it’s meant to be, played outdoors with a wind chill and a title on the line! Aaron Rodgers feels disrespected by a lot of folks, would love to hoist the Lombardi one more time before he rides into the sunset. His top ranked offense vs. a stingy defense has all the makings of a classic game! Give me the Pack in a down to the wire, grind it out game!  

Packers 17, Buccaneers 10

Cutts: “The old dogs of the NFL face off in this one with the hope of securing one more title before they hang it up. Both QBs are referred to at the G.O.A.T. Both determine the direction of their team. 

The Packers offense is made up of a talented group of WRs led by Devonte Adams. 

The Bucs offense has so many weapons that they all cannot be on the field at the same time.

Defensively, both teams have some holes. Kenny Clark is the anchor of the Packers DLine. The Bucs have strength in the D Line as well and one of the best rookie defensive backs in Antoine Winfield Jr.

I predict a high scoring affair in this one with the Packers getting the last laugh.”

Packers 42-Bucs 35

Larnerd: Packers

Hemberger: Packers 28-20

Grizzly Community: 67% in favor of the Packers