Picks of the week: Super wild card weekend

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Picks of the week: Super wild card weekend

Week 17 was very prosperous for principal Tam Larnerd and head varsity football coach Marcus Teal, but more on the average side for head varsity women’s basketball coach William Hemberger and the grizzly community.

Larnerd posted his first 4-0 record last week to close out the season, while Teal recorded a 3-1 record due to the Dallas Cowboys losing to the New York Giants. Hemberger and the grizzly community ended the year with 2-2 records.

The regular season is over, and now the league is in the wild card phase of the postseason, featuring six games instead of the usual four due to the expansion of the wild card from two teams to three during the 2020 offseason. With the increased amount of games, the NFL community believes that there is a bigger chance that an upset will occur.

I think that the [team] with the biggest upset potential is the Washington Football Team,” Cutts said. “The Bucs have been up and down all year and this could be another down week for them.”


Colts @ Bills

Teal: “I like the Bills.”

Bills 38, Colts 30

Cutts: “Bills continue to impress.” 

Bills 34, Colts 24

Larnerd: Bills

Hemberger: Bills

Grizzly Community: 61.5% in favor of the Bills


Rams @ Seahawks

Teal: “I like the Seahawks.”

Seahawks 28, Rams 24

Cutts: “The Rams will be missing their QB”

Seahawks 21, Rams 16

Larnerd: Seahawks

Hemberger: Rams

Grizzly Community: 60% in favor of the Rams


Buccaneers @ Washington

Teal: “I like the Bucs.”

Buccaneers 30, Washington 21

Cutts: “Upset possibility here, but I think the Bucs pull it off.”

Bucs 35, Washington 21

Larnerd: Bucs

Hemberger: Buccaneers

Grizzly Community: 73.9% in favor of the Buccaneers


Ravens @ Titans

Teal: “I like the Ravens.”

Ravens 21, Titans 17

Cutts: “Looking forward to a big Derrick Henry run”

Titans 28, Ravens 24

Larnerd: Titans 

Hemberger: Titans

Grizzly Community: 52% in favor of the Ravens


Bears @ Saints

Teal: “I like the Saints.”

Saints 37, Bears 27

Cutts: “The Bears limped into the playoffs and their run ends here.”

Saints 31, Bears 28

Larnerd: Saints

Hemberger: Saints

Grizzly Community: 62.9% in favor of the Saints


Browns @ Steelers

Teal: “I like the Steelers.”

Steelers 20, Browns 17

Cutts: “The Browns just beat the Steelers. Going to be hard to do it again without their coaches, who are all on COVID protocols.”

Steelers 24, Browns 21

Larnerd: Steelers

Hemberger: Steelers

Grizzly Community: 69.2% in favor of the Steelers