Picks of the Week: Week 15

Week 15 was more prosperous than others for head varsity women’s basketball/soccer coach William Hemberger, but more average for head varsity football coach Marcus Teal, assistant varsity football coach Robert Cutts, principal Tam Larnerd, and the grizzly community.

Hemberger recorded a 3-1 record last week, only incorrectly predicting the 49ers-Washington game. Teal, Cutts, Larnerd and the community all went even with a 2-2 record, all incorrectly picking the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Buffalo Bills.

As the NFL approaches the final couple weeks of the season, the playoff picture for both conferences are becoming clearer for fans of the league. The top seed in the American Football Conference (AFC) seems to be held tightly by the Kansas City Chiefs, Steelers and Bills, with the Chiefs being favorites. However, in the National Football Conference (NFC), there are three teams, the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams, that could wind up in the top spot come playoff time, which has spurred much debate on which team will be the top seed.

“I believe the Packers will come out of the NFC,” Hemberger said. “I love rooting for Rodgers and they have an unstoppable offense. Seems like the defense is improving each week also.”


Seahawks @ Washington

Larnerd: Seahawks 24-10

Hemberger: Washington

Community Poll: 71% in favor of the Seahawks

Writer: The Washington Football Team has been on an incredible uptrend, while the Seahawks are a shadow of themselves from the first half of the season. Disregarding my better judgement, I’m taking the Football Team.

WFT 28, Seahawks 24


Eagles @ Cardinals

Larnerd: Cardinals 33-17

Hemberger: Cardinals

Community Poll: Even 50% for both teams

Writer: Rookie Jalen Hurts should’ve been starting three weeks before he did. Taking down the Saints in his first game is impressive, and even though Kyler Murray is an absolute stud, I think Hurts leads the Eagles to another win.

Eagles 31, Cardinals 24


Chiefs @ Saints

Larnerd: Chiefs 38-35

Hemberger: Saints

Community Poll: 68.6% in favor of the Chiefs

Writer: This potential Super Bowl matchup is set up to be a contender for game of the year. With Drew Brees coming back after 11 broken ribs and a punctured lung, I think the Saints will not be able to keep up with the hot Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs 35, Saints 21


Browns @ Giants

Larnerd: Browns 20-10 “:(”

Hemberger: Browns

Community Poll: 74.2% in favor of the Browns

Writer: Baker Mayfield is starting to show that he is worth drafting first overall a couple of years ago. With the Giants coming off an embarrassing loss last week to the Cardinals, I think the Browns will take out the Giants with no problems.

Browns 38, Giants 14