Congratulations to Ke$ha Essay Contest Winner!

Congratulations to MacKenz’ Coffman who won two tickets to Ke$ha’s recent concert on September 16th. The contest was announced on GNN Channel Six, Grizzly News Network and asked for student essays detailing who is Ke$ha’s Biggest Fan. Here is her essay which was also sent to Ke$ha’s promoter and possibly Ke$ha herself!


Ke$ha has changed my life. Ke$ha isnít just an artist, she is a life style.
I have always been a major fan of Ke$ha’s before people thought that she was cool, but then again most people don’t think that she is that cool now either. Being a Ke$ha fan is hard work when people are always snickering that she is your favorite artist, yet I am very proud to be called a Ke$ha fan! I know all of her songs inside out and upside down. My day is not complete without some sort of dose of Ke$ha. Whether it is through her music, her clothing, accessories or moderate version of her lifestyle. I soon began wearing large feathers in my hair, before it became a staple with small colored ones, and that was just the beginning. For this past Halloween while everyone else was dressed up as their favorite vampire, I went as my favorite artist, Ke$ha. I was blinged out with my dollar sign black tee shirt, black sequined shorts, nose ring, messy hair, fishnet tights, and of course a heavy down pour of gold glitter, feathers, dollar signs, glitter and more glitter.

Glitter became my everything. I am now known for all of my belongs including homework assignments, essays, pencils, eyes, skin, clothing, etc. to always have some sort of trace of glitter. My car seats have glitter in the crevices from applying glitter to my legs for events like birthdays, holidays, or even everyday life. My two slogans are Be Fabulous and Glitter makes Everything Better. Which I believe are two fantastic ways of looking at life. Not only is this something that I live by this is also my Tumblr url and slogan. I continually post things of Ke$ha and glitter along with following many Ke$ha fan sites.

Ke$ha brought me together with my best friend. Her being the new kid last year happened to sit next to me in my math class. We soon started bonding over a few things here and there. Then we started talking about music and it was all over from there. We both realized that we had the same love for Ke$ha and knew this would be a lasting friendship. She went as far as throwing a themed red carpet birthday party, where we dressed up as our favorite star. I claimed to dress as Ke$ha on the spot and danced all night. Then for each others birthdays we always celebrate by drawing each other in glitter to show where the party is.

As school went on and I left my trail of glitter from seat to seat (literally, I feel bad because most of the time the next period there was are guys in my seat so, they now have glitter all over their pants) spirit days came up. Last year it was Super Hero Day. Super Hero Day can be taken literally or you could have a little fun with it. I chose to use this as who is my super hero, Ke$ha. So for prom spirit week I was $uper Ke$ha, complete with black cape and gold leggings, both basics from Ke$haís wardrobe. Then as Senior year rolled around my friend knowing about my growing obsession designed me a crown all around Ke$ha including multi-colored glitter and dollar signs.

I not only like what Ke$ha does and looks like but I love for what she stands for. I feel that everyone always tries to fit in and go with what everyone else is doing where as I love to go against the grain and run up stream. Ke$ha is not afraid to be who she is and neither am I! I love to go to second hand stores and find clothes that no one would even think of buying, let alone walk into the store. Ke$ha is famous for finding clothes on the street and fixing them up and wearing them. I love that! Who else does that?! She is so unique and I love that about her. She isn’t another pretty girl or drama queen. She is real, but in a way that’s fun and unexpected. She is an awesome idol to stick out and to be noticed and not blend in with the crowd. By considering me for these tickets this would make one Ke$ha, glitter obsessed girl very happy.