Taylor Fuentes: AVID Senior Becomes College Bound, First Generation in Family

Taylor Fuentes, the president of AVID, was recently spotlighted as a victim in the “Every 15 Minutes” drunk driving presentation,.  That is a perfect example of her compassion for other students and dedication to encouraging her students to make healthy decisions for college, and life.
She has served as the president of AVID for two years now, but she has been a member since freshman year.  She has also been a committee member of the School Board Student Advisory Committee since junior year.
After high school, Taylor plans on attending USD or Nevada State University to study to become a nurse or doctor.
“My motivation for college has to be my family,” she said.  Taylor will be the first person in her family to attend college.
She said, “It’s not really school itself. It’s the people that make up the school: students, teachers, and so forth, that make this unforgettable.”