Jane Eyre Lives Up to Expectations

The 2011 film production of Jane Eyre lived up to many fans expectations. With wonderful actors and great locations the movie brought the story to life.

One thing that may confuse first time Jane Eyre viewers is the way the movie was laid out. It goes from Jane Eyre’s present then to past , back to present then back to past then to present again which sounds as confusing and watching it. This way of doing the story for the movie wasn’t what I thought would have been done, and wished it wouldn’t have been laid out in that manner.

BBC’s early 2000 version of Jane Eyre had a better structure of the story, following the true nature of the actual book (from Jane’s childhood, and so on). The movie did do a great job of including almost every part of the book and did very well with the major scenes such as: Rochester falling of the horse, their wedding day, Jane’s childhood at home and at school, and the reveal of his Rochester’s wife; however, the ending of the movie was somewhat dull when they reunite (Jane and Rochester) and didn’t go any further into them meeting again, unlike the earlier 2000 BBC version that showed more depth in their reunion.

The 2011 production of Jane Eyre did well in characters, location, and main scenes from the book, many fans will be pleased with their version and will be glad to watch a correct adaption of Charlotte Bronte’s great novel. With two minor critiques that the film could have done differently, this version will still be loved with Jane Eyre fans around the world.