Career Center Offers Opportunities for Job Placement

In the Career Center, scholarships for juniors and seniors, volunteer work, and job placement are available for students.

“Scholarships for seniors are due now,” said Ms. Caroline Dames. Between the months of November to March, seniors have to get scholarships and applications turned in to prospective colleges.

Volunteer work is really important. It looks great on college applications and resumes. In order to do volunteer work and receive credit hours, it is required for students to meet with the counselors to set up a time log, and then after go to the career center and start applying for those scholarships and applications. During the summer time, students 15 to 18 years of age can volunteer for a hospital or other public institution.

In this struggling economy, many are looking for jobs and employers are looking for good employees. The career center will help find jobs for students and match up employers with employees. If there are any family-owned and non-family owned businesses looking for part time employers, they can post job opportunities with the career center.

Located in Room 815, doors are open before and after school, and during both lunches. “All we ask is that when a student comes in, they must sign in for accounting purposes at end of the month. All the volunteers in the career center send the information they received to the school district,” said Ms. Dames.

So take this opportunity and visit the career center in room 815.   Students should watch the Channel 6 school news to get current information about upcoming events and opportunities.