Picks of the week: Week 14


Last week was more on the average side for head varsity football coach Marcus Teal, assistant varsity football coach Robert Cutts, principal Tam Larnerd, athletic administrator William Hemberger, and the Grizzly Community.

Every one of our experts wound up with a 2-2 record, all losing in the Bears-Lions game where the Lions pulled off an upset. The Grizzly Community was the victor of last week, posting a 3-1 record, only losing with the experts in the Bears-Lions game.

Week 13 saw the last undefeated team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, finally get their first loss of the season, falling to the Washington Football Team in arguably the biggest upset of the week. Before the loss, football fans were already giving the Steelers a rough time about their “easy” route to 11-0 and how they were close to losing it on multiple occasions to some of the lesser teams in the league. And with the loss to a team in arguably the worst division in the professional level, even more criticism has been thrown in their direction. However, there are those, including our experts, that defend the Steelers and their run.

I think the Steelers had a good run up to their loss last week,” Teal said. “I think they are a very good team and that they took the WFT for granted, maybe they were looking past them.  Steelers will be in the thick of things at the end!”


Chiefs @ Dolphins

Teal: “As a Raider fan, I need the Chiefs to beat the Dolphins! I like the Chiefs.”

Chiefs 38, Dolphins 21

Cutts: “On paper, this looks like a good game. I think Kansas City is unstoppable at this point. “

Kansas City 35, Miami 24

Larnerd: Chiefs

Hemberger: Chiefs

Grizzly Community: 79% in favor of the Chiefs


Washington @ 49ers

Teal: “WFT is riding high after upset win of the Steelers.  This could be a let down game. Taking the Whiners.”  

49ers  28, WFT 24

Cutts: “Washington pulled off the major upset last week against the Steelers. They will have momentum on their side. Despite the injury issues, the 49er’s have been competitive in recent weeks. I’m going with the Football Team.”

Washington 24, San Francisco 17

Larnerd: Washington

Hemberger: 49ers

Grizzly Community: 73% in favor of the 49ers


Steelers @ Bills

Teal: “This is the game the Steelers were looking [at] over the WFT. I think they get back to winning ways.  I like the Steelers.”

Steelers 31, Bills 28

Cutts: “Another test for the Steelers right away. The Bills have been a surprise to many this year. I think the Steelers pull it off though after the wake up call they got from Washington. 

Steelers 28 Bills 24

Larnerd: Steelers

Hemberger: Bills

Grizzly Community: 79% in favor of the Steelers


Ravens @ Browns

Teal: “This is a huge game. Browns are playing out of their minds!  BAL has a stout defense.  I like the Ravens.”  

Ravens 21, Browns 17

Cutts: “This game could very well determine if the Ravens still make the playoffs this year. I want to see the Browns break their streak and make the playoffs.”

Browns 31 Ravens 28

Larnerd: Browns

Hemberger: Ravens

Grizzly Community: 68% in favor of the Ravens