Mayweather versus Paul set for February 20

Floyd Mayweather shocked the boxing world by signing a contract to fight Logan Paul. Paul proposed the contract and couldn’t keep quiet on social media platforms. As we all know, the boxing world has taken a turn with “influencer” boxing matches. However, this one was not expected by many fans.

Mayweather retired from professional boxing after his fight with Conor Mcgregor, leaving with a record at a perfect 50-0. After Jake Paul awakened the world by knocking out Nate Robinson,  Paul called Mayweather out to an exhibition the following day and sent the contract. And, after six months of Paul antagonising the former champion, Mayweather signed the contract on December 7th, 2020 for the fight to take place February 20, 2021. 

“I think Logan Paul is smart,” senior Nick Nagel said. “Obviously, the odds for Paul to win are extremely low, but If an influencer disturbed Mayweather’s perfect record Logan Paul would be the prizefighter. If Mayweather beats  Paul, Paul is coming home with a huge check and is now insanely brave for stepping in the ring with one of the greatest boxers to exist.” 

 “For this exhibition, there will be no weight class and it will be all natural weight.” Logan Paul stated in his podcast.

 Paul has a decent size over Mayweather. as Paul has a 50 pound weight advantage, and is an astonishing 5 inches taller. Although Paul lost to KSI (a YouTube influencer) in the close rematch, KSI was the same weight and size. Could Paul’s advantage hurt Mayweather? Would Paul be able to take Mayweather’s hits a lot easier because of the size difference? 

There are not many details about this fight and where it will take place but there are many opinions from all sorts of people paying attention to the fight. 

“Paul will for sure get beat,” senior Hunter Genneken said. “I mean he is stepping in the ring with one of the greatest! But Logan does have size and height, so I think it will be interesting to watch. I am for sure watching this fight with my boys February 20th.” 

The days are ticking away until we find out more details about this bout, but the world is eager to watch this fight. The odds on Paul winning are one in 6,000 via Everyone knows that Mayweather is favored in this exhibition, but could Paul amaze the world?