Picks of the week: Week 13


Head varsity football coach Marcus Teal and Head varsity women’s basketball coach William Hemberger posted two more perfect records last week, while assistant varsity football coach Robert Cutts and the grizzly community were close.

Both Teal and Hemberger recorded perfect 4-0 records in week 12. This is the second perfect week for Teal and Hemberger’s first in his first week. Cutts and the grizzly community also had impressive weeks, going 2-2 and 3-1 respectively.

The National Football League has entered the final quarter of the season, the ‘home stretch’ of the season to most fans. There are some obvious teams that have playoff bids, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers. However, the wild card is still up for grabs, and many fans have debated who the ‘sleeper’ picks for the playoffs currently are.

“[For the NFC, the] Minnesota Vikings,” Cutts said. “The Vikings still have a chance to make the playoffs. They are 5-6 right now. They have Jacksonville this week and they have division games against Chicago and Detroit left as well. [For the AFC, the] Cleveland Browns. 8-3 going into this week. The Browns have four games left. Two of them are against the Jets and the Giants. Chalk those up as wins. They also have two division games against the Ravens and Steelers. The [missing playoffs] streak is over and they make the playoffs.”


Colts @ Texans

Teal: “Texans are on a roll, Colts defense is tough!  I like the Texans in a shootout!”  

Texans 27, Colts 24

Cutts: “Colts need a bounce back this week after a poor showing against Tennessee.”

Colts 34, Texans 28

Larnerd: Texans 24-17

Hemberger: Colts. “Looking forward to [see] some revenge after a disappointing performance last week. That defense is legit and got torched.”

Grizzly Community: 53.6% in favor of the Colts


Lions @ Bears

Teal: “Old NFC North rivals! I like the Bears in this one.” 

Bears 21, Lions 17

Cutts: “This might be the yearly tie for the Lions, but I’m going to go with the Bears.”

Bears 24, Lions  21

Larnerd: Bears 15-7

Hemberger: Bears. “[Their] defense getting healthy after last week’s embarrassment by GB.”

Grizzly Community: 68.3% in favor of the Bears


Jaguars @ Vikings

Teal: “Oh boy, Jags looking for number 1 draft pick!  I like the Vikings!”  

Vikings 31, Jaguars 20

Cutts: “Skol Vikings Skol! Vikings take care of business and make a late run at the playoffs.” Vikings 31, Jaguars 21

Larnerd: Jags 28-24

Hemberger: Vikings. “Theilen returning [will] provide the spark they need.”

Grizzly Community: 76.3% in favor of the Vikings


Rams @ Cardinals

Teal: “This is a hard one to pick, I am flipping a coin. Tails it is, taking the Rams!”  

Rams 24, Cardinals 21

Cutts: “Both teams are coming off losses. The NFC West is beating each other up this year.” Cardinals 28, Rams 21 

Larnerd: Cards 10-6

Hemberger: Cards. “Kyler Murray has yet to have two bad games in a row.”

Grizzly Community: 52.6% in favor of the Rams