Paul versus Robinson, battle of the influencers


Jake Paul versus Nate Robinson, arguably the biggest influencer boxing match that has ever happened. Paul, a YouTube star, has recently taken upon boxing as a hobby in the last two years. Paul has had three fights total, victorious in every one. Robinson, a former NBA star, chirped at Paul and challenged him to an exhibition boxing match in May.

Robinson had problems with Paul via Twitter, and after about two months, both agreed on the terms of the fight and signed the contract for November 28th, 2020. They signed the contract as the undercard for Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. 

Paul took this fight very seriously as he dedicated four months to strict boxing. Paul usually lives in Calabasas, California but lived in Las Vegas for his entire training to take advantage of the opportunities in Las Vegas for boxing.

Robinson, on the other hand, did not take this fight as seriously. Robinson even said that he is open to return to the NBA while training for his fight. 

As November 28th arrived, Robinson and Paul had tied for their first round, second round strikes and Paul was looking angry as Robinson was looking fatigued. Paul starts off with a straight jab, knocking Robinson back. Paul proceeds to take shots until Robinson gets knocked down. The referee gave Robinson 10 seconds to get up and an additional 15 seconds to make sure Robinson was okay. Shortly after, Paul proceeds to stay offensive, as he is landing shots in Robinson’s torso. As Paul hit another deep torso shot, Robinson suffered from a headshot leading to a knockout. Paul remains undefeated and leaves the world shocked! 

After this knockout, Paul continues to call out UFC former Champion Conor Mcgregor and many other top professional fighters. Could this lead Jake Paul in a good or a bad direction?