Picks of the Week: Week 12


Week 11 was prosperous for principal Tam Larnerd, head varsity football coach Marcus Teal, assistant varsity football coach Robert Cutts, and the Grizzly Community.

Larnerd came out of last week with a 3-1 record, only incorrectly guessing the Rams and Buccaneers game. Teal, Cutts and the Grizzly Community all recorded a 2-2 record last week, each guessing different games right and wrong.

A major discussion going around the league is the dilemma surrounding the Baltimore Ravens and their COVID-19 outbreak. Positive cases started last Sunday with two cases, including running back Mark Ingram, and with other cases throughout the week, the NFL decided to move their game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers from Thursday night to Sunday morning on Wednesday. With other cases surfacing on Thursday, including quarterback Lamar Jackson, the league moved the game back again to Tuesday, December 1.

A report came out saying that the Ravens organization penalized a strength and conditioning coach for violating league protocols meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With this, many people have stated their opinion of whether or not the game should be cancelled, and if cancelled, if the game should be counted as a loss for the Ravens due to the negligence of their coach.

“I think that the game should be cancelled and the Ravens should have to forfeit the game,” Cutts said. “On the NFL level, these guys need to be held accountable for this. It is clear that the Ravens have violated protocols and they need to suffer the consequences for it. Unfortunately, in the NFL, losses are the only punishments for a team as a whole. Fines are not enough at this point.”

This week, athletic administrator, multisport coach and football fan William Hemberger will be giving his picks alongside the rest of our experts.


Titans @ Colts

Teal: “Should be a good game! I like the Titans in this match up!”

Titans 31, Colts 17

Cutts: “Should be a competitive game. The Colts have some momentum after the big win against the Packers last week.”

Colts 24, Titans 20

Hemberger: 27-24 Titans

Grizzly Community: 71% in favor of the Titans


Chargers @ Bills

Teal: “Another tough non division matchup.  I like the Bills at home in a cold one!” 

Bills 21, Chargers 17

Cutts: “Another quality matchup between two young QBs that will lead the league for the foreseeable future.”

Bills 33, Chargers 30

Hemberger: 30-27 Bills

Grizzly Community: 69% in favor of the Chargers


Cardinals @ Patriots

Teal: “Unfortunately, I think the Pats are too much for the warm weather birds! I like NE in a tight one!” 

Patriots 24, Cardinals 17

Cutts: “Cam vs Kyler. I really want this to be a good game but the Patriots have not been good as of late.” 

Cardinals 27, Patriots 20

Hemberger: 24-23 Pats

Grizzly Community: 53% in favor of the Patriots


Packers @ Bears

Teal: “NFC North battle. Bears have too many QB issues! I like the Pack in this one!”  

Packers 31, Bears 10

Cutts: “The Packers and the Bears almost always play each other well. I do not think that will be the case this time. Mitch Trebisky looks like he is going to get the start for the Bears.”  

Packers 34, Bears 20

Hemberger: 28-17 Packers 

Grizzly Community: 73% in favor of the Packers