Mike Tyson Versus Roy Jones Jr. Set To Be An Instant Classic


Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones jr will be an astounding fight between the two legends of the sport. Mike Tyson, arguably the most dangerous heavyweight of all time and Roy “Superman” Jones Jr., one of the most lethal boxers of all time with an amazing record of 66 wins and 9 losses. Both extremely dominant in each of their primes, both known for destroying and dismantling each one of their opponents. 

On Nov 28, the clash of two boxing titans will be face to face to see how their completely different fighting styles would have clashed if they were to fight twenty years ago. 

There has been speculation that Tyson has been heavily involved with using steroids. But since it isn’t a “real” boxing match, there isn’t any drug testing. Many people have said that Tyson Had been out of boxing for so long that it wasn’t possible how fast he came to be back to his old self, or maybe even stronger than before.

“You gotta be stupid to think me and him are going to go in there and play fight,” Tyson said in an interview. “I hope he takes it as seriously as I do, because I know I’m training to go in the ring to dismantle my opponent.” 

To what it seems Jones Jr. doesn’t fear Tyson at all, it seems that he’s actually excited to fight the knockout legend.

“Why wouldn’t I have accepted this fight?” Jones Jr. said in an interview, “It’s the great and legendary Mike Tyson. During my prime I had little kids come up to me and ask if I ever fought Mike. I always said ‘nope, never’… But now this is bucket list material, now I can say I fought the great Mike Tyson.”

Many critics think that if Tyson doesn’t knock Jones Jr out in the first three rounds, which have been shortened because of it being a “charity event” and not a boxing match, he will lose the match due to being drained and beaten down by Jones Jr.

Regardless of outcome, this Thanksgiving weekend spectacle will be a fight for the ages.