Picks of The Week: Week 7


Week six proved to be better for head varsity football coach Marcus Teal, assistant varsity football coach Robert Cutts and principal Tam Larnerd, but that could not be said for the Grizzly community. 

All three experts went 2-2, correctly guessing that the Cardinals and the Steelers would win. Across the last two weeks, Teal and Cutts are 3-5, while Larnerd is 2-6. However, in the first week of their inclusion, the Grizzly community went 1-3, only correctly picking the Steelers to win.

“The amount of coverage a team gets definitely accounts for some of the blame here,” Cutts said. “The Cowboys get a lot of publicity. I think a lot of people looked at the weapons they have on offense and thought they would carry Andy Dalton to a win. Another thing is that, unfortunately, people don’t pay attention to the offensive line. Dallas has had all of their starting lineman go down at one point or another this year. Hard to win if you can’t block.”


Steelers @ Titans

Teal: “Wow, what a great game this appears to be on paper. [The] Titans’ run game is legit; [the] Steelers’ defense is the truth! I am flipping a coin (heads = Steelers, tails = Titans). … Heads never fails, I think?” 

Steelers 31, Titans 28

Cutts: “This is one of the most interesting matchups of the week. The Titans have faced a lot of adversity in this season so far but have come out on top. The Steelers are now 5-0 and the last time they did that, they went to the Super Bowl. I see the Steelers coming out on top here.”

Steelers 34, Titans 28.

Larnerd: Titans 28, Steelers 17

Grizzly Community: 60% in favor of the Steelers


Seahawks @ Cardinals

Teal: “Battle of the birds! Hawks have [the] bigger beak!”  

Seahawks 27, Cardinals 17

Cutts: “The Seahawks are the only undefeated team in the NFC. The Cardinals are 4-2, but their wins have come against teams with terrible records. The Seahawks [will] overcome the Kyler Murray hype and win.”

Seahawks 28, Cardinals 24

Larnerd: Seahawks 24, Cardinals 9

Grizzly Community: 85% in favor of the Seahawks


Buccaneers @ Raiders

Teal: “Killin’ me with making me choose against my team … not falling for it this time. My guys have what it takes. … Raider Nation for life!”

Raiders 38, Buccaneers 34

Cutts: “Tom Brady and the Bucs have a lot of momentum after destroying the Packers last week. The Raiders are coming off the bye but had a huge win of their own two weeks ago. ‘Tompa’ Bay wins.”

Buccaneers 35, Raiders 21

Larnerd: Buccaneers 38, Raiders 34

Grizzly Community: 76% in favor of the Raiders


Bears @ Rams

Teal: “Love Monday Night Football! Not a believer in either team. Rams are Jekyll and Hyde, and the Bears are not consistent.”                                  

Rams 27, Bears 17

Cutts: “What are the Bears?! I’m not sure if they are real or not. Despite a QB switch and some narrow victories, they are 5-1 and on top of the NFC North. The Rams are coming off a disappointing outing vs. the 49ers. I am going with the Bears, begrudgingly.”

Bears 28, Rams 24

Larnerd: Bears 28, Rams 12

Grizzly Community: 54% in favor of the Bears