Las Vegas Model United Nations Conference


The Las Vegas Model United Nations Conference (LVMUN) was hosted at Spring Valley for the seventh year in a row on February 7 and 8. 

Spring Valley is the only school in CCSD that hosts this event, but it is open to any school within the district to register and compete. 11 schools participated and attended LVMUN VII. The purpose of the event is to make students more knowledgeable about today’s global issues and encourage working collaboratively with others in order to create resolutions to these issues. 

Each student that participated was assigned a committee, a topic, and a country orindividual they had to represent during debate. Students were given this information in advance in the form of a Background Guide, so that they had time to prepare. They were also required to write a “position paper” that they had to turn in prior to debate that highlighted the history of their assigned topic and what position their assigned country or individual would take on the issue. This year, students covered topics such as eradicating poverty and reversing the effects of climate change. 

Several competing Spring Valley students received awards for their performances at the end of the second day of the conference. Other students who did not compete were “chairs” who monitored certain events and their peers. 

“I was very proud of all the delegates. They came out with such great ideas on furthering global success,” junior Ivana Karastoeva, who chaired General Assembly, said. “I was especially impressed by the research quality conducted as well as the uniqueness of the solutions.”

Spring Valley MUN students at the end of the conference