Women’s basketball beats Skyhawks 66-22 on Senior Night


The women’s varsity basketball program dominated the Silverado Skyhawks 66-22 last night, during their senior celebration honoring seniors Missy May Grimarez Valdez, Chelsea Camara, and Kylah Collins.

“I would say this is actually one of the best games we played as a team,” Collins said. “I feel like it was a full team effort, and we just all bought into one another and went all in. It was great.”

The team had an offensive explosion in the first half, ending with 51 points. Sophomore Aaliyah Gayles got the team started by scoring the first 7 points of the game. Afterwards, Camara hit four consecutive threes in a row, and Collins made 3-and-1 plays, converting two of them.

The women also had success in other areas during the first half. The team had a monstrous amount of offensive rebounds and put up more than 10 steals, holding the Skyhawks to just 15 points.

“It was all just teamwork honestly,” Grimarez Valdez said. “We moved the ball really well and we found the open man every time. Our transition offence and our defense made our lead go up.”

In the second half, the women only scored 15 points compared to their 51 in the first. According to Collins, the team was running out the clock more, leaving less time for shots. Collins also says the team’s sloppiness could be traced to the energy the team burned in the first half.

In the second half, the lady Grizzlies excelled defensively. The Skyhawks had less shots due to the Grizzlies running out the clock. Mixed with the continued pressure from the Grizzlies that carried over between halves, Silverado was held to just 7 points.

“I would say, second half … I feel like we did good,” Collins said. We obviously could’ve improved in places But at the end of the day, we all came together. We came together as a team and I’m going to miss this. So, I’m trying to enjoy every moment.”

The win puts the women at 22-5 this season and 10-2 in conference play.

“We’re feeling pretty confident right now,” Grimarez Valdez said. We just want to move on to the playoffs and win each game one at a time. We can’t win by just jacking up some stupid stuff. We have to win each game possession by possession by possession by possession. But we’re ready for anything that comes at us.”