Women’s Soccer Takes Over the Field

Our women’s soccer team is on fire this season! Coaches William Hamilton, James Tippet, and Will Polk are getting their teams ready for the competitive upcoming games. But one game they focused on was Bishop Gorman. But all of that practice was worth it when the varsity won the game two goals to one. Alyssa Gomez, also known as Yaya, made the first goal for the team. “I felt all the pressure coming to me while Coach Hamilton was yelling at me just for me to have some motivation.”

Although JV did not win, they still practiced to the max and only lost seven goals to nine. JV goalie Cassie Torres was playing like a pro during the game. “They shot a count of thirty-five times, but only about five got through.” She was under pressure, but the pressure of the crowd was what kept her energy running. “I could hear Coach Tippet yelling in the crowd saying, ‘SHE’S ON FIRE!”

Coach Tippet was so proud of his team; because this was by far the best score they’ve gotten this season. “Before games they practice much harder than they do during regular practices,” he said. He hopes more good progress will happen before the season ends.

Unfortunately, the B- team did not get to play due to Gorman’s team forfeiting, which was considered a win for our team. But Coach Willard Polk hopes that his freshman team will play hard in their next competition, Sierra Vista.