‘Simpsons’ predictions often spot on


Since 1989, the Simpsons have been a big hit with over 20 seasons and over 600 episodes. The characters are also known for the insane predictions they’ve made time after time. Within the many predictions they have made, eighteen are pretty much exactly how the show portrayed it.

Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger attack, Auto correct fails, Skype/Face time and faulty voting machines are a few instances that prove this theory. Some people think that the creator of the Simpsons is some kind of time traveler. (Which is completely just “Fan fiction.”)

Recently the two biggest predictions they have made are the Trumps Presidency, and even more recent, 2020 WW3. Obviously the war has not happened, but their prediction came very close in the context of what would happen during and after the war. The creator, Matt Groening, completely denied that he is some kind of time-traveler. Even though only a few of the predictions came true, there are others that have not yet happened that could possibly become true. Maybe the creator is actually a time traveler, we shall never know, but the Simpsons series will continue for the time being.