Coco with the Popo

Were you there for Coco with the Popo? You should’ve been. Friday, January 17th, campus police hung out with the students of Spring Valley during lunch.

“It’s a school and community engagement thing. It’s to show you guys, students, that it’s okay to talk to us. We’re here to keep you safe. If you see something, come talk to us and say something.” Terry McAnich said, one of our two main campus police. 

 “We always try to do some sort of snacks, we’ve been cookin’ cookies all week. Over a thousand cookies were donated, we just had to bake them. Officer Dew and I have been busy.” Which there was. Free donuts, cookies, hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), and plenty of dancing from our own students were all included.

“Everyone’s been really positive. The dancing was great, the chanting back and forth. It’s good to see. I saw kids that normally leave when the bell rings to go home, they actually stuck around.” McAnich exclaimed.

No future event is currently in the works, however Officer McAnich said he awaits ideas from students. He assures that if there is another event, it will involve food.