Varsity Quiz Team Improves All Time Record

Which Danish physicist won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922 for his investigation of atomic structure and radiation, and is known as the founder of the modern quantum theory of matter and modern theory of atomic and molecular structure? Which 2 seas are connected by the Suez Canal? If the area of an ellipse equals pi times A times B, what is the exact area of the ellipse in which A equals 13 and B equals 11? Can you answer any of the questions above? The ten members of Spring Valley’s Varsity Quiz could without a problem!

Varsity Quiz is an intense, competitive Jeopardy style trivia game minus answering in the form of a question.

Josh Herrera said, “It’s very challenging, and you have to stay up to date with all current events.”

This season of Varsity Quiz was successful with an overall score of four wins and five losses, a huge improvement from last years season with only one win.  The competition was very tough with the team playing last year’s state winner, Gorman, along with several other elite private schools and the magnet schools. Varsity Quiz had victories against Veterans 110-55, Centennial 45-40, and WCTA 80-15 just to name a few.

Donald Keith said, “The season was so much fun. Varsity Quiz takes a lot of determination.”

Ms. Keith said, “This was an amazing season. It was so much better than past years. We accomplished all of our goals. The V.Q. members were a lot of fun. They made Mondays and Thursdays enjoyable.”

If you are interested in testing your brain power, join Varsity Quiz next year for another successful season!