From a Concerned Mom,

Dear Grizzly,

Why do people keep saying “yeet” and “oof” and “tea”? I tripped down the stairs, and instead of being asked if I was okay, my child just said “oof” and walked away! Later, I overheard my daughter talking to someone, saying “spill the tea, sis!” I told her not to encourage any messes, and I asked who “sis” was. She laughed at me, but she doesn’t have a sister! Should I be concerned for my carpet? What’s up with “wig snatched” on my Facebook? I don’t wear wigs, nor do my children, and yet they still say it. Whose wig are they taking? My daughter explained that it meant that something had shocked me, and that left me shook, period. My son threw a cup into the sink and shouted “yeet” so loudly that it nearly gave me a heart attack! I asked him to stop, and he proceeded to throw away his water bottle with another exclamation of “yeet.” One more yeet, and his butt will be byeet. It’s like those annoying jingles I hear in car advertisements that annoy me to pieces. Is it some kind of joke around young teenagers? Do schools even teach kids how to speak correctly anymore? I’m honestly disgusted with the children these days. I won’t understand this generation. There’s probably dumber “slang” I don’t know about, but each word I hear is more mindless than the next. When will this generation start speaking like adults, using proper grammar and punctuation? You kids need to fix your English if you want to have a future in this country, or no one will understand you. 

A concerned mom,



To Karen,

Ok, boomer.