Billie Eilish gives us ‘Everything We Wanted’


Billie Eilish, the 17-year-old music sensation, returns with a new song with a surprisingly different direction. 

 The single is drastically different than many of her other songs, including “COPYCAT” and “Bury a Friend.” As her previous songs deal with the darker side of life and its unanswerable questions, her new song is more joyful and optimistic. This song is a lot more personal to herself and the struggles of fame. 

The song depicts someone stepping off the Golden Gate Bridge, only to find that people didn’t like her as much as they’d led on; the false love and attention is withdrawn once everything is gone. Rather than focusing on a dream, it explains her real fear of falling into someone she doesn’t want to be. Being so young in the music industry creates new struggles on top of those related to being a teenager. This song creates a window for Eilish to ease into a more personal head space.

Though it is a big change from previous songs she has done, fans are excited for her new song and hold high expectations for her new album.