You’ve Got a Friend in Me


Friendship is what gets people through rough times, but brings some of the best memories. You might ask yourself, how can I have a friendship like that? 

Most people have found their most amazing friendships through sports, clubs and activities. From the seventh grade, Leilani Abalos and Hayley Gentner have been two peas in a pod ever since they met in middle school.

Gentner and Abalos became closer when they joined the Victoria Fertitta Middle School dance team together in the eighth grade. Once they started to get to know each other, they motivate the other to do good in school and follow what they love. 

 “I met her in sixth grade through the academy,” Gentner said, “I feel like I wouldn’t be as good because me and Leilani are always pushing each other to do better. When I got into high school and I didn’t know a lot of people so we became a lot closer.” 

Gentner and Abalos are an inspiring example of best friends because they help each other with school, clubs, and emotional support. 

“To have a good and valuable friendship, the other person needs to give back what they received from you,” Abalos said. 

Having a friend who not only pushes you through hardship but brings out the “real you” will help find who you really are. Most people who don’t socialize find it harder to identify with themselves whereas people with good friends find themselves easier because they are able to truly express themselves around people.

“Hayley brings out the “don’t care” attitude in me,” Abalos said, “Yes that sounds bad, but it can be really beneficial to my mental health and I thank her for that.”

Having friends on extra curricular clubs will not only help socially, but internally. The motivation of one another helps the other to become better at the sport which usually also helps in school.

“We always talk to each other at practice and tell how the other can improve and we are always very supportive and encouraging,” Gentner said, “To always stay supportive of each other and help each other whenever you can and strong friendships are really vital.”

They both had joined the dance team together and joined the academy. This year, both the girls are in the IB program, dance team, and are both JV cheerleaders at Spring Valley High School. The girls bring out the positively within themselves but also the motivation for others to join activities and socialize.