Nutrition Break to stay the same after outcry

Nutrition break will remain the same for the rest of the year after outcries from students, according to Principal Tam Larnerd. This comes after plans to split the break were announced by The Grizzly Growler on Sept. 18. 

The idea was to turn the 13-minute break in the middle of the day into two, splitting the upstairs and downstairs classes. 

“You know, we really kind of hash it out,” Larnerd said. “There’s concerns; our primary concern is: Do we have the capacity to feed 2,600 kids in 13 minutes, or at least feed them something?”

Nutrition break was scheduled to change to combat the rise in Spring Valley’s population. According to Larnerd, 13 minutes was not a long enough time for everyone to get food. 

“We thought, ‘You know what; let’s make sure that every kid has a chance to eat,’” Larnerd said. 

However, the proposal received much pushback from students. Larnerd also said that it would be difficult to regulate who went where during the break, and he worried about kids ditching classes to get the extra nutrition break. 

“Regardless of what we do this year, right now, we just kind of hit the pause button on that,” Larnerd said.