The Internet: It helps!

Older generations criticize our phone use but in today’s society, technology has a positive impact on socialization. Technology increases our communication and connectivity. Throughout the world, people connect with their distant family via texting and social media. Many parents worldwide also think that technology brings children together. Researchers believe that online texting and communication make socialization easier for shy kids to connect with their peers. Kids gain friends from the internet on apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media sites. Social skills are built by kids by practicing how to manage a conversation with someone their age. Social media helps kids with gaining confidence and making teenagers feel more accepted around the world.

Social media also reduces the amount of worldwide cyberbullying. Twitter believes that people need to ensure that voices are not silenced because people are afraid to speak. When people see someone getting bullied, via the web or in person, they’re afraid to speak up in fear that they will get bullied themselves. Because no one speaks up, many teenagers suffer the pain and humiliation and commit suicide. Victims experience a lack of acceptance in their peer groups and this is from teens receiving little to no attention from their friends so they use the internet. People who have experienced bullying, or wish to help people who have, create websites to try to help people feel more accepted and to comfort them. Social media can be used for the greater good and help people in need.

However, some people think that most anxiety and depression is caused by social media. Many teenagers decide that other than parental issues, or friendship problems, that the internet is the only thing that can cause stress. While this seems understandable, it’s actually incorrect. Social media can be a coping skill for people who are feeling depressed. When teenagers are having a bad day, they go on social media to seek attention from their peers that understand the situation or to just seek comfort. Adults do the same as teenagers. When adults end relationships, their Facebook status changes and their friends and family make an attempt to help them feel better.  Obviously, technology has a positive impact on teenagers because social media use helps and it’s hurtful that the older generations don’t see that. The Internet keeps families together with just one simple touch of a button.