Varsity quarterback ready to make change on and off the field

Frank Bartley is a 6’0 foot, 170 pound junior, and this year will be his first as starting Quarterback, marking his third year with the grizzlies and his second year on the varsity football team. 

“Frank is a freak of nature”, quoted former basketball coach Mike Agustin, “Frank is a tremendous athlete that plays multiple sports for our grizzlies.”

Bartley’s Main sport is football but he also plays basketball and runs track. 

“ My grandpa motivates me to play… He has cancer and he used to play a lot when he was younger, and my mom helps and supports me in football and school.”

Frank is also well known for his strength on the field as well.

“I’m in good shape, I make sure I’m always in the gym. I’m pretty fast, more than most other quarterbacks because of how mobile i can be.”  Bartley said,

“I’m laid back and chill, I love to make jokes and have fun. I mostly hang around my teammates around the season. I might hang out with a few other people, but I try to stick with the team.” Bartley said. 

“I just make sure i am still in the gym all the time, i’ll work out with some guys that are in college that player for their teams. Other sports do help prepare for football like track because you know running keeps me in shape and helps me get my speed up and helps with me be flexible.”

 Frank is also ranked top in fifty players in the state of Nevada.

“I’m leading by example being a leader of the team, you know be out on the field on time, doing my drills right, knowing all the plays and executing the play when it comes down to it in a game time situation.” 

Frank said that his favorite player to watch is Micheal Vick, and also say his style of play could be compared to his as well. After high school frank wants to go to college for football and will prepare for everything that stands in his way to get there. Frank is excited for the upcoming football season and is prepared to be a leader on his team, for himself and for his fellow teammates that want the same goal this season, win!