Travis Scott ascends listeners with ‘Highest In The Room’


Travis Scott’s newest single “Highest In The Room” follows a unique approach to the hip hop genre, bringing in a psychedelic feel within the beat and visuals. Delivered in typical La Flame fashion, the track highlights dark routes and alluring lyrics that have many fans speculating the state of Scott’s relationships.

“Highest in the Room” is the rapper’s first official song of 2019 and follows the hit success of Astroworld, the latest album by Scott, released in 2018. Despite being a well-known artist in the rap/hip-hop community, Astroworld further skyrocketed the rapper’s popularity, allowing him to perform his world tour (AstroworldWish You Were Here), that was wrapped up in late March. Scott also recently released a Netflix documentary titled Look Mom I Can Fly, which highlighted his newest success and rise to stardom.

The track, produced by OZ and NIK D, follows the rapper’s style of music. With a common heavy trap bounce combined with a psychedelic rock-feel, the song gives the impression of a futuristic vibe. The mood Scott tries to portray within the sound is very prominent as OZ and NIK D manage to maintain a consistent flow. Though the use of a bass-trap beat and constant snare throughout the song sounds repetitive, Scott and the producers manage to keep the track catchy, through the cryptic lyrics and occasional beat switches. 

Recent news circulates the rapper’s relationship with his now ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Kylie Jenner. Fans speculate that some song lyrics nod to their alleged break up, regarding to how two days before the release, the two-year couple reportedly called it quits. “I’m doin’ a show, I’ll be back soon / That ain’t what she wanna hear,” Scott raps in his first verse, referring to time spent away from his relationship with his girlfriend and daughter. “She fills my mind up with ideas/ I’m the highest in the room,” Scott raps in the chorus. Lyrics on the track, also depicts Scott’s relationship with a person, as with drugs, where love and intoxication have equal weight. 

The rapper, also known for his high- production music videos that gives further dimension to his songs, left no exception for the new track. Directed by Dave Meyers and Scott himself, the film perfectly reflects the mood of the song, through the dark, cloudy, and dystopian setting. It follows a cyberpunk theme, showcasing the rapper taking a surreal trip with his head in the clouds. Visuals featuring Scott with his mouth hooked wide open by string, to a street fighter type battle with a robot, animations and effects in the music video trips viewers, stimulating that intoxicated feel he raps about. 

While “Highest In The Room” is currently topping the charts on many streaming services including Spotify, Scott also hints to more music releases in the future. “I’m taking my time to come up with the next album. But I’m always down to drop music and serve some packs to the fans. It’s time for the fans to eat,” he told the Rolling Stone.