Veterans Honored at SVHS

Spring Valley High School is home to many veterans. We honor them this month for Veterans Day. Mr. Will Polk, one of our hall monitors, served in the U.S. Navy for two years as a cook  and a security guard. Mr. Polk had many great experiences, such as graduating from basic training.  “The Navy is a good experience and a great career,” said Polk.

Mr. Don Lester, a chemistry and math teacher, served in the Air Force for nine years as a pilot flying B52 aircrafts in Vietnam. He said that he loved going on missions. “You can’t get any kind of education like you can in the military,” he said.

“The Army is a great experience, and it teaches you to grow up fast,” said Mr. Jeff Cowen, an art teacher, who drove truck and also was a cook during the Vietnam War.

The students and staff are very thankful for those men and women who have served in our armed services. We have a total of eleven staff members who served, and we would like to also recognise Mr. Phil Messer, Mr. Mark Lowry, Mr. Don Lester, Mr. Kurt Rice, Mr. Garret Kerkstra, Mr. Harlon Johnston, Mr. Jeff Cowen, Mr. Haynes, Mr. William Polk, Ms. Rebecca Jackson, Mr. Fred Meyer, and Officer Ron Pekarsky.