Pro/Con: Where should money go?

All clubs and programs have started somewhere. Not all started out as an instant success, and most have had to work their way to a secure place without funding. However, this process costs many students at Spring Valley the ability to discover inlaid passions and potential hobbies. This is why more money should be delegated to struggling programs.

Activities such as Hockey Club have had various issues with funding. In the recent year, they just barely had enough to purchase goalie gear, and they still don’t have enough money for any kind of shirt or uniform like other sports programs do. This is further worsened by the fact that Las Vegas has a hockey team by the name “Golden Knights.”

It doesn’t stop there though, even classes such as STEM robotics have had difficulties with funding, so much so that when the class started, there wasn’t even any robots. In fact, on more than one occasion, the class had turned into “Call these people to see if they’ll give us money.”

What needs to be done is identify programs such as the ones mentioned above, and provide them with the money needed so they can carry out their projects without fear of being canceled.