Blush skies set scene for ‘Lover’


Taylor Swift’s  new album “Lover” is not the cliche collection of breakup songs we expected. Swift’s 15th album which features 18 different songs, was teased on her Instagram for several months and was finally released on August 23, 2019.

This new album takes listeners through all of the well-produced songs that have diehard Swift haters contemplating their hateful stance. The album has a completely different tone from her previous album “Reputation” which  proved that the pop princess had an edgy side to her. However, in Lover, Swift returns the attitude that we have known her to be similar to her big pop debut album “1989.”

Each song gives listeners a feeling that can only be described as a ‘cotton candy clouds’ which is also the main design on the album cover. Listeners are led through all different perspectives of love, from the delicate and charming flirtiness to the deep and dark trenches of heartbreak — each song following the same cohesive sound without getting repetitive.  

Songs like ‘Paper Rings,’ ‘I Think He Knows’, Lover’ provide an essence that will leave listeners wondering if it’s really her singing. Swift takes notes from artists such as Conan Grey and Ed Sheeran with a sweet dreamlike effect, and even has signs of old school Paramore with the bitter breakup tones. It’s pleasantly surprising to see a side of Swift that showcases her talent and artistry that we haven’t fully seen since her country days, with all the collaborations being genuine rather than for publicity. Brendon Urie is featured on “ME!” which is the classic egotistical mirror talk song, along with the Dixie Chicks collabing in with “Soon you’ll get better” with a country campfire feeling. 

“Lover” starts out with acoustic drums and guitar that will melt you into a twinkle light infested world of love and then subtly brings in the reverb on Swift’s voice to set the tone that she is right there singing. 

The album itself takes you through every single aspect of love that you can even imagine. Swift admits her past through some lyrics throughout the album, and it’s easy to tell that even Swift realized that she had some growing up to do in her music. It’s hard to hate on an album filled to the brim with pure and honest love, regardless of whatever the listener had thought of her before.

“Daylight,” the last song of the album, is a bit different from the others. Instead of following the romance between two people, Swift’s lyrics read as a love song for herself. Lines like “I don’t want to look at anything else now that I saw you,” suggests it could be a two-person love song. However, the last line tells us that the most intense and beautiful love you can feel is from how you define yourself and love yourself,  and that “You are what you love.”