Scrunchies, Hydroflasks and Iced Coffee — Oh My!


In a world where media takes on the intense environmental crisis that we now face, the public has now started its very own way to contribute to the climate war taking place. From using metal straws to help defeat the major 4% of plastic waste in the oceans, we can say finally it has made some progress towards this gruesome battle. 

Taylor Quicc, a world renowned pop singer has recently pitched in her two cents on the situation by creating a new hit song “you need to cool down”, as a rebellion against climate change and its harsh rays. The video making 1.2 million dollars, Quicc continued help with a generous donation of 10 cents to a commonly known charity. 

“Yeah I really was thinking about writing another song about my ex, but honestly…The true toxic ex is ourselves to this planet,” Quicc said.

Quicc’s fanbase quickly followed suit in the intense battle against climate change and the environment’s deterioration by posting inspirational videos of them tossing the harmful weapon (straws) into the sewer to ensure its use in indefinite. This trend has picked up speed especially within the fierce age group of 13-14 year old girls. 

“We saw how inspiring she was with her song and we just decided that getting rid of our straws was the least we could do. After all, imagine all the slurpees you’ve had… and as soon as everyone does it with us, the Earth can be done fighting this gruesome war.” Breyxtan Mendes said. “It’s that simple, I can’t believe we haven’t done it before.” 

Emma Chamberlink, a young YouTuber and social media activist has also spoken out her truth of the destruction of her planet through the many inspirational and informational Instagram story posts. Having to fight through a sea of comments telling her to research, Chamberlinkhas personal experience in some of the battles we face today.

“Everybody thinks being rich and known in California comes with all the perks, one time I didn’t pay my water bill because I was trying to live on natural resources to really experience my Vegan lifestyle, and I totally like understand the struggle Flint Michigan is going through,”  Chamberlink said. 

With the Amazon currently set ablaze, the VSCO troops have set off with their posts sharing across all platforms to spread awareness. Informing all of those on social media enough to stop the fires being caused by Brazil’s corrupt government. The world is slowly creeping to it’s balance, being saved by our dear VSCO girls. Chamberlink and Quicc have even had a meeting on creating a giant hydro flask giveaway to really get down to the root of our problems.