Nintendo Surpasses Nostalgia With WarioWare Continuation

Microgames, smaller than minigames, but filled with lots of fun. This is the basis for WarioWare, a game series where you play 5 second minigames, dubbed “microgames”, in quick succession. These microgames provide fun fast paced action that can only be the handiwork of a mastermind like Wario.

 WarioWare is a series that dates back to 2003 when the first entry WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! released on the GameBoy Advance just over 15 years ago. Since then, the series has seen entries on other Nintendo systems like the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Wii U. This new entry on the Nintendo 3DS celebrates the series and is a culmination of everything the previous entries have done before it.

In WarioWare Gold, you get to play three main types of microgames, the typical button control with the D-Pad and ABXY face buttons, motion controls using the 3DS’ accelerometer, and touch screen microgames that utilize the stylus. These microgames can be played in the four leagues of the Story Mode; Mash League, Twist League, Touch League, and Ultra League. Ultra League is the final league where all 3 microgame types are played and you have to switch control schemes on the fly. However, the Mash League seems to be enjoyed by the majority of fans, as its simple control scheme makes the five second nature of the microgames easy to understand as well as challenging to master. As with the previous WarioWare games, there is also a free play mode where you can play the 300+ microgames at your leisure.

Players who are new to the series and have never played any of these microgames before, WarioWare Gold is a perfect game to get introduced to the series. For old fans, there is a lot of nostalgia with microgames from the first game to the latest in the franchise. There are also a handful of new microgames to enjoy, as well as an absurd amount of trinkets to unlock in the game. These collectibles range from alarm clocks with varying tunes to mini descriptions on old Nintendo products. There are even larger games (minigames) to be unlocked and played.

One thing that stands out with WarioWare Gold, is the replayability of the game. The best part is even after beating the game, players can just enjoy their favorite microgames and try to beat a previous high score.  Some of the best microgames are the retro ones, where you are placed to do a simple task in a classic Nintendo game in the matter of five seconds. The voice acted cutscenes, a first for the series, are also an enjoyable feature. You can also voice over the cutscenes yourself using the Nintendo 3DS built-in microphone. This is a fun little feature that, while no one asked for, adds just that much more charm to the game.

Overall, WarioWare Gold is great experience. Not only is the story very enjoyable, but also the unlockables and replayable nature of the game to be extremely addictive. This game does a great job of both celebrating the series as a whole for old fans, as well as introduce the franchise to the uninitiated. It has the polish and appeal of other Nintendo games and is a great fit on the 3DS. It is a clear buy for anyone interested in the series.